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“...for the chance to practice what you know, learn what you don't know and share what you know the best..” jhw

The ERT has a new home

Please visit us at

This page is not serviced anymore and will be closed in a few months. The new homepage is still under construction, so until then you will see no real difference.


Our next meetings in

November 2016

Second Thursday:       10.11.2016    19:00h

Last Tuesday:       29.11.2016   19:00h



El Burro

Dominikanerstraße 2

55116 Mainz

Standard location June-November

Restaurant Plaka

Albert-Schweitzer-Straße 19

55128 Mainz-Bretzenheim



Next Special Events:

See details

Thursday, 24.11.16 19:00h

International Thanksgiving Dinner

Uni MZ: K3 Mensa, Lucy-Hillebrand-Str. 4

klick for details /  Apply to Carmen

Sunday, 11. December 10:30

ERT – Christmas Brunch / Apply to Rosita





- last update December 1, 2016


What is the “English Round Table” (ERT)?


If you don't use it, you lose it...

This has always been the motto of the English Round Table (ERT).


The ERT provides the opportunity to practice and improve your English language skills in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You can shake off your daily stress with some small talk, a cold beer or a smooth wine.


This very sincere statement, mailed to us by one of our long time members, sums it up the best.

"Where non-native speakers get a chance to practice every-day English with patient and considerate native-speakers, giving in reverse some knowledge of local customs and habits"


The ERT meets at least twice a month, every second Thursday, at different locations and every last Tuesday at our standard location.


We also plan and announce special events throughout the year.


Who can join the ERT?


The English Round Table is open to everyone, from "Native-speaker" to "Vacation-speaker"


We have only one rule! Naturally, we all speak English!


Of course if your English is not the best, you will have plenty of time to simply listen in, until you feel comfortable enough to join into one of the many conversations.


So call the baby-sitter, throw away the remote control(s), turn off the PC and come join us for some laughs and a good time.


After all language is like your own voice “if you don’t use it you loose it”.


How can I join the ERT?


There are many ways to find out where and when we will be meeting.


-        Send us a mail, requesting that your email address be placed on our biweekly news mail distribution list (see contacts below).


-        Join our Facebook group, “English Round Table of Mainz” @


-        Join ourwer-kennt-wengroup, English Round Table ERT Mainz“ @


What does all this cost?


The English Round Table is FREE! There are NO registration or membership fees, ever.

Of course, if you eat or drink at the meetings you will need to pay for that or if you participate in a special event you may need to pay for an entrance fee.


What’s next?


Here you will find our planed dates for 2016 in pdf format to download and/or print out: Calendar




Contact us:

Detlev Poepsel

Rosita Eckl